Color Guard and Drumline

Band and color guard nerd!
I march for Burlington Central High School in Illinois ^-^
(Bass and Snare Drum!) ;D
Wohhooo Nerds! Haha. Absolutley insane over Band, Color Guard, Soccer, Techies and Bandsss <3. Follow me and Take care ^-^







1992 Velvet Knights: Magical Mystery Tour - Part III

VK’s last finals appearance, placing 10th at 86.6

GE at it’s finest

Never forget

This was the most ridiculous drum corps show ever and it’s one of my favorites because of it.

what even is this oh my god

Bridgemen 1980. That is a ridiculous show.

try explaining how awesome drum corps is to normal people with this show

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So It turns out that I my drumline instructor for camp is a retired Drum Corps. Attendee *-*


Cadets Percussion, as requested by anon. :)

Credit to these sources: (in order)

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